Breast Care Center

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Breast Care Center

Anaheim Memorial Medical Center
Anaheim, CA

The Breast Care Center at Anaheim Memorial Medical Center is a modern, feminine space that reflects the spirit of its predominantly female clientele. The existing medical office space was extensively renovated and redesigned by TAYLOR to include two mammography rooms and four exam rooms. The waiting room, central reception and patient intake area are the most prominent public face of the clinic and are the organizational and central core of the clinic practice.


The clinic’s simple plan utilizes low partition walls to allow for spacious views across and through the small space. A curved ceiling softens and extends the line of sight, creating visual interest. The curve imparts a sense of graciousness, with specialty glass and light wood veneer give the interior texture and warmth. The color palette is simple and soothing. The colors are inspired by a suburban garden, the purple of Agapanthus and the yellow of Daffodils. The curving form, dynamic lighting, translucent glazing and color palette give the space lightness and femininity.


In her role as designer and project architect, Ms. Mabus was responsible for the conception, development and implementation of this award winning project while employed by TAYLOR.


Desigm Firm: TAYLOR. Cynthia Mabus Senior Designer/Project Architect employed by TAYLOR.


Anaheim CA


3,000 sf