Pediatric Towers Interior

Interior Hospital Design
Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Campus

Pediatric Towers Interior

Miller Children’s Hospital
Long Beach, CA

Miller Children’s Hospital is located on the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Campus. The Children’s hospital creates a safe and comforting haven for children that combines the most advanced medical care for patients and families. The medical program at Miller children’s Hospital includes a surgery suite with seven operating rooms, a dedicated pediatric imaging center, 48 neonatal intensive care beds and 24 general pediatric private patient rooms. The hospital’s goal is to empower the children, with the philosophy that every child is the hero of their own story. The message of heroism and the waterfront culture are the inspiration for the architectural interiors.


Playful and interactive design elements were employed by TAYLOR to engage children of all ages. The California beach culture that has inspired the interior is apparent immediately upon entering the building. The reception/admitting desk is takes its form from a large colorful beach umbrella. A Ferris Wheel motif is integrated into the façade of the gift shop façade. The boardwalk arcade games are included in the lobby to engage early teens. Day care and waiting areas, available on every floor, are crafted with windows placed at varying heights. The furniture and benches selected are of a variety of scales, inviting crawling as well as sitting. Light bright engaging colors and texture are used throughout. Spaces are designed to engage the imagination of patients and family members of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.


In Ms. Mabus’ role as a design leader on this project she was responsible for the architectural vision and the full integration of that vision into the design process through schematic design and into design development. Her role included ensuring that the clarity and quality of concept translated into the planning, spatial development and detailing of the interior.

Design Firm: TAYLOR. Cynthia Mabus Senior Designer/Project Architect employed by TAYLOR.


Long Beach CA


124,000 sf