Pediatric Tower

Interior Hospital Design
Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Campus

Pediatric Tower

Miller Children’s Hospital
Long Beach, CA

In December of 2009 Miller Children’s Hospital completed a $200 million 124,000 sf Taylor designed, with Ms. Mabus as a design leader, expansion project on the Long Beach Memorial Hospital Campus and opened its doors for patient service. Their mandate to expand pediatric surgical services provided the opportunity to create a healing environment that advanced medical care and comfort to young patient and their families. Miller Children’s Hospital expansion program included a floor of pediatric beds and NICU and radiological services while establishing a campus presence for their pediatric programs.


The building’s prominent site along Atlantic Boulevard in Long Beach afforded Miller’s the opportunity to create a uniquely distinct identity for children’s programs that is both playful and modern. With an exterior clad in iridescent blue green metal panels, the exterior mimics the color of water and sky. The blue green color of the metal panels shifts with the play of reflected and changing light throughout the day. Outdoor spaces and gardens transition the patient and visitor into the building, creating an experience that is both engaging and uplifting.


In Ms. Mabus’ role as a design leader on this project she was responsible for the architectural vision and the full integration of that vision into the design process through schematic design and into design development. Her role included providing leadership to the design team during the conception, development and implementation of the architectural project.

Design firm: TAYLOR. Cynthia Mabus Senior Designer/Project Architect employed by TAYLOR.


Long Beach CA


124,000 sf