Luis Eisenberg Teaching Kitchen

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Luis Eisenberg Teaching Kitchen

Santa Ana Family Health Center
UC Irvine Health, CA

The Lois Eisenberg Teaching Kitchen is a University of California Irvine Clinic with a mandate to serve the community by providing nutritional education and strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A large percentage of the local community fights diabetes and obesity, as is true of many of our communities across the country. The teaching kitchen provides a setting for community education, funded by the Susan Samueli foundation. The facility is named in Lois Eisenburg honor, Susan Samueli’s mother.


The teaching kitchen is modeled after the commercial examples of Sur la Table or William Sonoma. There is a demonstration kitchen and a chef conducts the seminar. After instruction the students move to 8 tables where they prepare their meal as instructed. A center island provides the support space required, ovens and refrigerators are located along the side walls. When the meal is prepared the student retire to the dining room to enjoy their meal. A separate dishwashing area off of the kitchen is available for clean up after food prep and the meal.


CMA worked with the University and the Samueli Foundation through the design and construction process. It was important to create an environment that was similar to a small café, nearly residential in scale. Ideally all from the community would feel comfortable and at home. The outcome is warm and intimate location for classes, small lectures, and community events.

Design Firm: Cynthia Mabus Architecture. Cynthia Mabus Principal Architect.


Santa Ana CA


1,300 sf